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You can't beat that view!

You can't beat that view!
Posh Totty Designs Little Beach Boutique

Monday, 15 October 2012

Remember Remember Movember!

My husband took part in Movember last year and I was so excited as I thought he might look like Tom Sellock but sadly for me he ended up looking like Will Farrell.  I am not looking forward to it this year although it is for a great cause and if everyone gets involved then they can all look silly together. 
If you like moustaches then we have a product right up your street.  Moustache cufflinks £16.

Brighton's Royal Pavilion

We at Posh Totty HQ are so proud of our city that we decided to make a symbol of Brighton.  No, sadly I don't live in The Royal Pavilion but to me it is my favourite Brighton landmark.
It is so stunning and the hand painted wallpaper is absolutely stunning.
To find out more about the history of the Royal Pavilion please take a look at this you love this city as much as we do then grab one in store or online at
If you have a better choice of landmark for the city then please let us know and we will try and make a charm for you. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Gunmetal Finish For Posh Totty

Just when you thought our jewellery couldn’t get any better, we’ve gone and come up with this gorgeous new finish on our most popular pieces. The oxidisation of the silver gives it a much darker colouring, almost black, making the piece slightly more masculine and edgy. It makes the piece one of a kind as the finish is completely unique to each one which we are very excited about and think you, our lovely readers, will love. As beautiful as our polished silver finish is, it’s not for everyone and we feel this new range will give a new feel to our favourite bangles, cufflinks and necklaces. To find out more about which pieces we can funk up with this finish, please call the shop on 01273 202044. 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Top tips for brides

Top Tips
I have three that I learnt along the way.

No.1  Enjoy every minute-  I was so surprised by how quickly it was over.  Take time to hang out with your new husband as this is your special day and you should enjoy it together.   You spend months preparing for it and then it’s all over in a whirlwind.  Make sure you grab every memory of it and make it as special as possible for the two of you.   I would say rather than splitting up to say hi to all of your guests,  do it together so you can help each other out if you end up cornered with a great uncle that you have only met twice so you can both focus on the important people to you both.

No.2  Don’t sweat the small stuff-  My mum kept saying this to me and it is so true.  On my wedding day I didn’t notice that the back of the chairs weren’t navy like planned but a horrid red velvet that we hadn’t actually ordered.  It seemed like such a big thing when the chairs arrived 2 days before but nobody else knew and it didn’t cross my mind once on the big day nor did the fact that I had to arrive in a white van as the vintage car that I had ordered had been double booked or the fact that my hairdresser made me look like a poodle until it was all brushed out.  Weirdly none of that mattered and I would have walked down that aisle in a plastic bin liner if necessary.   As long as everybody you love in the world (especially the groom)is in that room that’s all that matters.

No.3  Personalise it.  This is obviously what I do but I have to say that those little extra details make such a difference and  make the wedding day your own.  If you have a hobby, a cherished memory etc… make good use of it.   I’m a jewellery designer and I used vintage jewellery all over my wedding cake.  It was stunning and unique.  I love bunting so we made every inch of it ourselves and had a BBQ a few weeks before where all my friends and family came and made a bit we had miles of it by the end.  We now have it up in our kids bedroom and they love it as much as we do.
We didn’t have a large budget but we made it a fun and unique event we arrived at the reception on the back of an old plough pulled by shire horses (the local farmer did for a 100 quid and we covered it in wild flowers)  welly wangling (my mum went around the charity shops and asked for old willies she even bought odd ones) a bouncy castle (that we did our first dance on),  hay bails to sit on and all our friends pitched up tents for the night with a big camp fire.. It was a proper village fete wedding and completely personal to us.  Not to everybody’s taste but in my world it was perfect. 

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

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Lisa who works in our Bond Street shop is the lead singer in Dark HorsesLisa

Dark Horses are going from strength to strength. They are being played regularly on Lauren Laverne's Radio 6 show and they are also being played on Dermot O' Leary's Radio 2 show.  Plus they were the support act for Kasabian and Lisa has usng with Elton John and still she likes to keep her feet on the ground working at Posh Totty.  Go Girl!!