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You can't beat that view!

You can't beat that view!
Posh Totty Designs Little Beach Boutique

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Summer is here

With the whiff of summer just around the corner, you will be able to find all you need for wedding gifts, Birthdays and spoiling yourself in the Posh Totty Boutique in Bond Street Cottages just off Bond Street.. Discretely positioned, customers are lured in by the promise of a box of delights half way up the alley and they are not disappointed!

Alice the owner and proprietor provides a paradise for trinket lovers as they can browse shelves and rails and lay their hands on all manner of handmade and locally sourced items..

The Boutique is like stepping back in time to your Grandma’s boudoir as you can sample all manner of delightfully antiquated knick knacks and practical pressie solutions.

All pieces are lovingly crafted and most locally made and are bought in small runs so you can ensure that you will be buying an ethical and limited edition. The Boutique aims to promote fair trade conditions and workers are paid a fair wage.

With the introduction of Fee Gee and Max C dresses, chunky pebble jewellery and woven bags, this season has never looked sunnier! These nestle amongst the shelves along with handmade leather belts, London Fashion Week shoes, a rainbow selection of eelskin purses, handcrafted jewellery made by the Posh Totty team and an array of gift ideas to spoil yourself or a friend.

Prices start at £3.50 so you don’t have to be rich to be Posh Totty (or have a conscience)!


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